Appliance Myths: Busted


Appliance Myths: Busted

You may have heard many myths about the appliances in your home. Knowing which ones are fake can save you time and money, so it’s worth brushing up on your appliance knowledge!

Here are a few appliance myths–BUSTED:

1. Appliances Don’t Use Power While In Stand-By Mode

You’re not alone if you assume you’re appliance is off and not using power in ‘stand-by’ mode. As concern grows over wasting power, more and more people are learning that “sleeping” appliances consumer a lot of energy, and that goes for home electronics, too.

In some cases appliances can use as much as 15-30 watts per hour – that adds up week after week, month after month. If you want to lower your energy bill, simply make sure to completely power down your appliance or unplug it. Tip: If you turned it off but still see something glowing or blinking, it’s still using power.

2.  Microwaves Emit Radiation That Can Harm You

Hands down, this myth is the most popular among households, particularly moms. I’m sure we can all remember being scolded for standing too close to the microwave for fear radiation would melt us inside out.

Although microwaves do use radiation to cook food, the truth is, it’s only harmful if you actually got inside, shut the door, and nuked yourself. Microwaves are built to contain this sort of radiation and as long as your microwave doesn’t have any leaks, you’re safe and sound.

Check out some more busted appliance myths here.


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