Common Wine Cooler Issues:

  • Cooler won’t turn on
    Check for faulty fuses, tripped breakers, and loosened power cords.
  • Not cooling
    On compressor models, check thermostat adjustments, allowing 24 hours for the temperature to cool. Other issues may include lint buildup on the condenser, bad condenser or evaporator fan motor, and compressor issues. On thermoelectric models, check the temperature setting, for sufficient clearance around the cooler, or simply move the unit to a cooler location. If these solutions do not work, you may have a fan problem or a defective peltier unit.
  • Leaking water
    Compressor models may leak water if the door has been left open, door seals are defective or dirty, or a drain hose has gotten plugged.
  • Noise
    Some popping and cracking is normal due to temperature changes. For vibrating noises, make sure the cooler is level. If grinding or squealing, call for service.
  • Door does not close properly
    Check for a surface that is not level, dirty door gaskets, or improperly positioned shelves.

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